Phil Gardner School of Real Estate
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For more than 37 years the Phil Gardner School of Real Estate has provided real estate education that is enjoyable and easy to understand for those who want to get started as a salesperson. Broker schools are also provided, and many have profited from the Broker/Manager workshop in setting up offices or Improving present office. Consulting services are provided on site.

Logo Gold Star Realty & AuctionResized 1Choose the distinct advantages in having a licensed real estate broker who is also a licensed auctioneer to sell your property. Get the

                  BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

Gold Star Realty and Auctions to sell it for your!!!

missouri auciton prep schoolLearn the most successful methods of selling while you learn how to set up your own business with low overhead and great income. Our instructors have over 200 years of auction experience! Valuable insights are presented in a casual, comfortable manner. learn without being put on the spot.


“Your class definitely did a great job preparing me for the job.”
– Lynn, Kirksville
“Just wanted to say thank you for all you help. I cam back to the office so excited but I think everyone is getting tired of hearing ‘Phil said this or that.”                         – Sonya, Jefferson City 
“Your class is so enjoyable. I look forward to attending more classes in the future.”
– Lindell, Mexico
“If I could have had instructors in college like Mr. Gardner, I would have been delighted.”